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Product data download

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For FLFA customers, the delivery of the installed product, system or device is just the beginning. The FLFA equipment they invest in must perform at a high level of performance for many years to come.

FLFA's various maintenance solutions are on the stage. The main contents are:
• FLFA maintenance contracts – tailored to each customer's situation, from basic service levels – to comprehensive projects designed to achieve visible equipment advancements.
• FLFA Maintenance Services – consists of a full suite of advanced inspection and refurbishment programs designed to ensure performance and productivity. These services also include traceability, environmental protection and quality control management, and ways to reduce waste.
• FLFA Maintenance Centers – These centers are responsible for cleaning plate heat exchangers and replacing gaskets to ensure that the equipment continues to operate as it was on the first day of installation. FLFA also offers a full range of spare boards during scheduled production suspensions.
• Backup, upgrade and replacement – ​​customers will be assured of reliability by using FLFA spare parts. FLFA also offers comprehensive upgrades and replacements for existing equipment.
• Training courses – also tailored to the specific requirements of the client.
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